Will be testing the 48 hr sleep cycle for 1 week, I will document my experience in this thread

For the next week I will be sleeping every 36 hours for 12 hours, with 2 hrs of naps within the second half of the awake cycle. I will be documenting my anecdotal experience within this thread. If all goes well, I will extend the experience to two weeks, however, I have exams in one week, so I may have to abort early.


+0:30 – Woke up and did basic morning routine, feel well rested, would say I was asleep 10-10:30 of the 12 allotted hours. Now will work on some chemistry and attend a meeting. Will check back in 4 hours.

+5:30 – Just got back from chemistry lab, feel slightly tired (normal for the afternoon), will be going to work soon.

+10:00 – Got back from work, had dinner, and will be going to the gym now. Have done around 30 minutes of deep work today, so I am banking on coffee carrying me through the night. The afternoon slump is over, so now I am fully energized.

+14:00 – Working on a paper for my neurophysiology class, getting slightly tired, hopefully this is just my usual bedtime burned into my circadian rhythm. Will work for 1-2 more hours on the paper, and will probably play video games or code until the sunrise, after which I will go on a sunrise walk. Also had 2 coffees about an hr ago, although, I don’t really feel the usual kick.

+17:00 – Crazy how I have been up only for 17 hrs, and I am already feeling very tired. Will be relying on caffeine to keep me awake and alert, played video games for the last hour to make myself less tired, will work on my paper until dawn.

+21:30 – It is now morning, I took a brief hike to the hill near my house to refresh myself. I also feel less tired now, although I am getting a slight feeling of dissociation. The past 2hrs also were much more productive than any period in the past 6 hrs. Will do some more work and go to class afterwards.

+25:30 – I am now well into the second half of my day … and I must say I am not very tired anymore, although at this point I am have around 1g of caffeine in my blood, around twice as much as usual. So far I have taken only one 30 minute nap and it was definitely helpful. Now I just have to work for 3 hrs, workout, and do a little more writing.

+30:00 – Not as tired as I thought I will be, will be working on some writing and will go to gym before bed. If i continue this experiment, I will be posting daily updates instead of updates every 4 hrs. I will see if the 12 hrs of sleep is truly enough to make up for 36 hr of wakefulness.

+34:00 – Final documentation for today, will do one at the end of the day tomorrow. I will be going to bed soon, however, I honestly don’t feel tired at all anymore. Did a nice back workout and it completely energized me. Hopefully I will crash after a huge carb meal.

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It is now day three of the experiment. Today I woke up at around 8 am after going to be at 11pm last night, I slept like a rock through those 9hrs. After that, I forced myself to sleep another 3-4 hours, unlike the previous 9hrs, this sleep was of mediocore quality. Today, I have actually done very little work aside from dissecting crawdads in my neurophys class. I am actually super tired right now, no clue if its from the sleep debt from the past couple of days or just my circadian rhythm being out of sync. I will attempt to stay up tonight and see how I feel tomorrow.