Why Discourse rather than Slack or Discord?

  1. Both Slack and Discord are fundamentally chats. I want people to have the time to think and write asynchronously, not afraid that if they don’t reply immediately, the topic will become irrelevant (I had too many cases in various Slacks when I wanted to reply to something but was too busy at the moment and had the conversation switch to a completely different topic or I just wasn’t able to find the original message). This is also why I really like email.
  2. It’s impossible quickly see all the discussions that took place since your last visit. In chat apps you have to go to channels and see whatever was discussed most recently in each separate channel and, without topic names, have to read a bunch of messages to figure out what’s going on. On the forum, you can just open the main page and you will immediately see what was discussed recently and decide what interests you.
  3. Reading without participation if fundamental. I want the content to be open and I want people to be able to read the forum and to decide if they like what they see before making them commit and create an account.
  4. Looking at history is impossible in Slack and Discord. Discussions that took place a month ago might as well have never existed. I believe that history and archives are fundamental.

I agree abt the asynchronous part strongly

Luckily I have found that discourse provides a mobile app as well