When are we going to see the first

As startups become less about unusual judgement/worldview and more about ingroup/branding, when do you think we’ll see the first institutional ‘pop-star’-style startup founders?

i.e. well-branded kids being presented as ‘CEO’ of startup (without as much power as they would otherwise have), being contracted + managed by some corporation which takes most of the profit…

(same thing happened with the music industry, branding becomes dominant as the whole thing gets de-risked)


already the case in biotech - role of the CEO is to just hang out with the media and look nice, that’s it

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I think it’s pretty much already happened for all non-crypto stuff actually…

Read stuff from the PayPal days, it sounds like total chaos, founders had effectively all the power and could be free to be really disagreeable guys with unreasonable levels of control and self-confidence.

Not like that at all now. Founders are pretty much VC employees now (outside crypto), even the billionaires. A biography of a current young noncrypto billionaire would be totally boring.

I am not complaining, I just think it actually sounds like hell to be a billionaire CEO of some trad SAAS company today. Everyone would idolize you but in your heart you’d know you were on a leash. You’d proabably be depressed AF, finding wacky ways to keep the mood up at your investor meetings, trotting out some banal foreplay with Emily Chang on Bloomberg. And it’s not like you can make the money and then sell your company and let your crazy out – your whole personality will be distorted into some watered-down defanged VC-friendly version of yourself, and that is not an easy thing to reverse, you probably will never be wild again.

(I am pretty sure this is why so few tradrich people fund anything interesting, and also why crypto is going to truly be a nuclear explosion on the timeline)

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