What systems are set up to support assholes?

It seems odd that (afaik) there’s no track of society that can give a living wage to people who don’t want to compromise their understanding of reality to get enough money to live.

Would be enormously valuable to get a list of these kinds of opportunities (earn 1k/mo under a pseudonym just doing mostly ‘mechanical’ work that doesn’t require an implicit ideological shift as all jobs seem to).

Any ideas?

Seems particularly bizarre since these people generally produce the ideas or perspective shifts that result in the economy unlocking trillions of dollars of value (see btc).

there seem to be a ton of such kind of jobs?.. you are just not thinking of any of them bc they’re low class

If your goal is only 1k/mo, you can “easily” do that by working any minimum wage job. Of course, any minimum wage job is actually going to be a lot of work, but it’s easy to get the job. Dishwashing or grocery stocking for example. If that involves compromising your understanding of reality (by the act of working for someone), then I’m sorry but you’re going to be disappointed by our current societal structure since the act of making money generally involves working for a company or the government.

That happens because to get money, fundamentally you have to get it from someone else or from the government. If you don’t want to work for a company or the government, you have to personally coordinate the people you want to get money from (which the company would do) and you have to do the actual work.

Now perhaps you might be interested in a different social structure, but they’re also going to have tradeoffs of various kinds.

I have not. What kind of an ideological shift are you talking about here?