video lecture recommendations

I second alexey’s recommendation of tim roughgarden’s algorithms course. I also highly recommend the nand2tetris course for a bottom-to-top summary of computer architecture.

Anyone else have a favorite online lecture series? I forgot how great lectures are for rapid comprehension of technical material - watching a great professor while working through a corresponding book is several times faster than just reading the book, at least for me. I don’t know if this is true or even desirable for subjects like history, though.

Incidentally, I think the lack of seminars / office hours is most sorely felt for the more specific “upper division” courses, where there is less canonical material.


I’m a big fan of Kenneth Liberman’s lecture on Garfinkel, as well as Joe Koerner’s lecture on Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. Will Spaniel also has a great game theory series up on YT.

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For biology, the entire iBiology channel is incredible. They invite great scientists to give technical-but-understandable 20-60 minute long lectures about their research and they’re are often super interesting:

found another great one - David Mackay lecturing on his information theory textbook. videos here, free pdf here.

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Really enjoying Strang’s linear algebra lectures from MIT OCW + accompanying psets, lecture notes, and exams: