Tom Cruise Was Right?

It’s quite interesting how one of the most successful people in the world (and he attributes much of it to his mindset iirc) explains how traditional psychiatry is based on flawed foundations via a reasonable argument (if a little forceful)… and it’s generally regarded to be a mental breakdown on his part.

Obviously the takaway here is not ‘become a scientologist’, but just interesting to think why his mindset (which may have made him successful) might be so incompatible with modern psychology (which has at least some errors) that he rejects it so violently.

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Parallel universe where Cruise instead funds work uncovering research fraud in leading psychologists popsci books

isn’t it crazy that there’s no societal mechanism to ‘short’ an entire field without getting personality-assasinated? what is Cruise supposed to do in this situation?

Tom Cruise is successful, but not in directions that are particularly relevant to me (and I suspect, to you). His success comes from his acting abilities and his appearance. I assume his appearance is not strongly related to his psychology, beyond a dedication to it (which many people with normal mindsets also do). On the other hand, I can definitely imagine that his acting abilities are influenced by his psychology, but if so then it’s not a direction I’d like to emulate, anymore than I’d like to wirehead myself.

Are you personally successful in directions relevant to you?

(I’m asking because I think a lot of the time people don’t succeed due to self-limiting self-psychology reasons and convince themselves they are in the process of succeeding, without ever getting there. Your account is pseudonymous so I think it’s fine to be direct.)

Cruise is principled, high energy, goal-driven, and mentally tough and I think the four are very connected. Find me someone who has done something complex and competetive in the real world who does not have those four.

His success comes from his acting abilities and his appearance.

I think you have no idea what his success comes from. I think even if you or I had succeeded in Hollywood we would still be unlikely to understand exactly why Cruise succeeded. Cruise himself likely does not have good introspection on why he himself has succeeded.