The (possible) ultimate productivity hack

Every possible productivity hack I tried only work for several days and then become ineffective
Every nootropics work well for several days and then become ineffective

All of this transient productivity pump have something in common: introduce something new into your life/body

I recently trying to live a nomadic life. I don’t use office anymore. I work everywhere. I live in Shanghai. There is a lot of place I can work: coffee shop, fast food chain, library, paid study room. Everyday is a new place and new start. I am gonna testing how this nomadic way work out.

My reasoning is when you introduce novel contextual cue, your body will tell you you gotta focus and learn hard


My theory is that the hacks work at first because you feel like you finally found the answer which raises your moral which is known to increase productivity and grit.

I also feel there’s an optimal amount of novelty that adds to the system, and that amount of novelty is probably different for everyone.

Really there’s only so many parameters you can tweak with your work setup until eventually they all start to blend together.

How is your productivity working out?