? [see replies] Medical Advances Are Reducing American Deaths From Violence, But Violence Itself Is Rising



This apparently plausible and clearly important correction to the Pinker narrative has been bugging me. Finally I went back to the article to see if maybe some comments would shed some light and found this:


One important caveat to keep in mind: The number of people seriously wounded did increase 47 percent over the last decade, but the country’s population increased by a significantly greater amount over the same period. As a result, the rate of violent crime actually dropped over the last two decades, as did the murder rate — though medical advances could very well be holding the murder rate lower than it otherwise would be. Unfortunately, even accounting for the population numbers, America remains a more violent country than its western neighbors.

Google says U.S. population was

306.8 million (2009)
328.2 million (2019)

Seconding wasoxygen’s point that overall numbers are, literally, meaningless – per capita is what matters. Also the figure in the post is a total of …four (4)… years of data.

But! (and you may have seen these, I think this conversation is how this article got resurfaced recently)


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