RTS game as a nootropic


I just stumbled upon on r/ADHD and found out someone combining Pomodoro method and RTS game to improve productivity

Are you planning to try this? Would be very curious about your experience

This guy seems to be a bit of a promoter based on his post history. My initial thought was the dopamine rush would be hard to turn off for someone with ADHD, and that’s what most of the responses to his post ask as well.


I’ve tried this [several times] & my experience matches your prediction. Pomodoro in general hasn’t worked very well for me as my internal switching cost is too high. When I’ve tried to intersperse video games throughout the work day, it typically ends with just playing video games & self-promising that I’ll wake up early tomorrow to make it up (which, to be fair, I can usually pull off but I wouldn’t label the pattern desirable)

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If you swap video games for something that suits your individal need, I think this makes a ton more sense. I wonder how good this guy is at video games, and how much practice he’s put in. My guess is that the higher your skill, the more effective this technique is. The study cites professional players. Those guys aren’t really taking leisure, this is their job! Switching from one form of work to another makes more sense and fits my experience much better. I switch from one draft to another while writing, or switching from a hard math problem to an easier one. “Just keep moving” works way better than passive resting, and sure as hell works better than switching to video games. Also, if I had to switch to video games, I’d rather switch to chess than anything else because I know that better than any game and it would be less of a loss in attention.