Roam Research

Alexey, related to productivity and organization of data and thoughts, have you reviewed Roam Research yet as a possible database? I’ve been a beta user for a couple of months and found that its bi-directional linking facilitates organization of data and thinking. It was opened up to non-beta users this past week, so give it a look.

Yes, I’ve been using Roam Research every day for the last 3+ months. It’s awesome.

I figured you would enjoy it. I’m hooked on it, too.

Can you guys talk a bit about why you like it more than OneNote? Has it completely replaced ON or would you use it for different thing?

Also, I imagine you make use of the ON mobile app. It doesn’t look like there’s one for RR. Is this not a big deal?

I have not used OneNote on mobile at all. Roam has replaced OneNote completely. Mostly I like it because of bi-directional tags and because a lot of notes and tweets do not deserve their own page but don’t really fit on any separate page either and Roam says “just put these notes and tweets onto the today page and tag them. Then you can find them by tags or can just reference this specific block by full-text search of your entire database.”

Roam does have a mobile phone app for gathering ideas and notes on the run. However, Roam’s full-blown phone app is still in development.

I agree with Alexey with regard to OneNote, which is based on the hierarchal folder structure. Roam’s bi-directional linking is far superior, both from idea development and organizational standpoints.