Quite interesting psychological variation across population (notes)

Along with the ‘imagine a red apple’ mental imagery thing, there’s an ‘deception’ thing (some people are deliberately fooling you), but ALSO a ‘delusion’ thing (people literally do not understand what they are doing on a conscious level), and ALSO a ‘half-conscious purposeful bluepill thing’ (people are vaguely conscious that thinking about something is an infohazard and get slightly uncomfortable about it and can only vaguely articulate why)

Quite important to understand ‘when does something feel sinful/inauthentic to me, or to anyone in general’ – TWO very distinct mechanisms:

inferring another agent’s violation of nash equilibrium set up by whatever memeset has been psyopped into my moral resonator (many nash equilibria/memeset pairs exist to solve prisoner’s dilemma, some organic (christianity?), some deliberate (internal corporate culture, justice system) OR rational base morality (if you’ve managed to get the psyop out). I think memesets get psyopped in and you can only remove them with rational thought (ideally) or another stronger psyop (religious conversion?). Get the sense that ‘’‘enlightened’’’ people can just put whatever they want in there but externally it seems kinda dishonest (‘you are changing your values to get my stuff and when you have it you will change your values again to get someone elses stuff etc’). There is still v strong base morality, if you have empathy… is every psyop just a distortion of this? Is base morality literally just empathy directed through rational cortex?

another agent operating on a higher symbolic level to me and (imo) not representing the full distribution of the lower level in a way that makes them fail in reality. I feel EXACTLY THE SAME FEELING when I see someone writing stuff that feels like ‘lossy symbolic manipulation’ on something I understand well at a lower level (‘you are just faking’).

REALLY important to tell these apart! They feel the same internally but if you confuse them it’s gonna fuck up all your friendships. It’s not violating any nash equilibrium/social contract for another agent to operate on a higher symbolic level – but if they impose/psyop on you based on a false understanding of reality then it is not only your opportunity but your responsibility to correct it, as long as you are not busy doing something else (which should always be the case).

However u gotta infer difference between delusion and deception-- are they knowingly on a lossy symbolic level just to hack the system? Have they made some utilitarian judgement (always wrong ime).

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