Preregistered experinent to increase intelligence and decrease sleep 2

I have decided again to attempt to perform the procedure described by Will Smith over the span of two weeks. If the experiment is a success I will have reduced my sleep need to 2 hours a night, and my intelligence to Von Neumann levels.

I have no way to directly measure the results, but as far as I am aware I currently need roughly 8 hours of sleep, and do not have world-class intelligence (in fact a friend described me as having accomplished nothing in the past two years), so it should be obvious if it works.

I will record the results in this thread and I welcome any feedback.

Just as an aside: I am coming around to @guzey 's opinion that a large component of tiredness is actually just boredom, I think it might be really important

Are you still sleeping 2hrs a night? If so, how is your productivity and general error rate going?

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I stopped and now I am starting again. I am not going to measure productivity because I think you actually need maybe a month of adjustment before it starts working.

It sounds like you should still measure productivity so you can track how long before it starts working, no?

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