Preregistered experiment to increase intelligence and decrease sleep

Upon reading the above post I have decided to attempt to perform the procedure described by Will Smith over the span of two weeks. If the experiment is a success I will have reduced my sleep need to 2 hours a night, and my intelligence to Von Neumann levels.

I have no way to directly measure the results, but as far as I am aware I currently need roughly 8 hours of sleep, and do not have world-class intelligence (in fact a friend described me as having accomplished nothing in the past two years), so it should be obvious if it works.

I will record the results in this thread and I welcome any feedback.

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I think she is full of shit actually because she personally isn’t hyperproductive and hyperfocussed, her core skill is actually coming up with morally-coherent worldviews and writing them in a compelling, hard-to-disprove way, there’s no reason she’d have insight into this topic except to point out a common class of failure modes.

Never accept advice from someone who is not a practicioner & be wary of those who persuade rather than prove!

Just remember how deeply full of shit everyone is wrt their assessments of other people, even if they are trying to act in your best interests: this is the human condition!

If you feel like you personally need to do X thing (and you know in your heart it is true) then you are likely correct about it. We live in an oversocialized world and your subconscious will pass you signals telling you exactly what to do to reach your potential. This is why your deepest gut feel is literally never wrong.

If your gut is telling you to introspect then you are self-limiting in some way. This is a super-important signal, it’s telling you there is an enormous amount of juice left in the tank and you can arbitrarily access it with a small mindset shift. (It doesn’t mean that other people are going to give you the right tools to boost yourself up-- indeed other people’s introspection advice is just as likely to damage you, because everyone is full of shit.)

The results: This experiment did not work and I will attempt it again tonight.