OneNote destroys Notion, Evernote and every other note-taking app

e.g. no other note-taking app allows to do anything like this:

And I refuse to use any note-taking apps that won’t allow me to have a printout of all slides of a lecture fully readable on a single screen out of principle


What’s going on in your screen shot?

My note-taking has broken down, I’d like to improve it. Especially, I would like to find out how to take and keep track of notes than can be useful over many years.

For a long time I would write spontaneous notes into ad hoc computer files, no better than writing them on scraps of paper. What worked better than that (at one time, but not any more), was to write spontaneous notes into a single big text file.

I think I would like to take notes in something like a wikipedia, but private: thoughts or notes or drafts of any scope on any subject, with easy hyperlinks between them; and easy access to older versions.

I haven’t tried, maybe haven’t heard of, one-note, notion, or ever note.

Try OneNote. I recorded a video intro here: