[New post] Every thought about giving and taking advice I’ve ever had, as concisely as possible

This post was largely inspired by the On taking advice and learning from people we admire and This productivity advice won’t help you but you should read it anyway.

A tweet summarizing a post from TJCX that I like a lot, which is related to your section on “When simple advice does work”:

This is why it’s useful e.g. to reread Scott Adams periodically – to keep the obvious stuff top of mind.


Edit: also cf

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When giving advice to friends:
~10% of the time the “advice” is just reaffirming a good decision the other party completely planned and has yet to execute
~10% of the time the “advice” is obvious “why do you whack yourself in the head with a hammer every morning, stop doing that” kind of advice
~80% is stuff I’m totally unsure of that is much more about building my relationship with that friend (and I make sure they know this so they don’t take it)

Also, I have rarely received worse advice than that received from my best friends, which was always designed to strengthen our friendship rather than achieve any good for me. I do not regret following most, if any, of this advice. I cherish these memories.

The only advice I have heard worse than that advice was from people who prided themselves on giving advice. I regret following most, if not all, of this advice.