It's not feasible for nuclear/renewables to replace fossil via govt intervention and we're headed for a woke dystopia unless something weird happens

In conclusion, this report suggests that replacing the existing fossil fuel powered system (oil, gas, and coal), using renewable technologies, such as solar panels or wind turbines, will not be possible for the entire global human population. There is simply just not enough time, nor resources to do this by the current target set by the World’s most influential nations. What may be required, therefore, is a significant reduction of societal demand for all resources, of all kinds. This implies a very different social contract and a radically different system of governance to what is in place today. Inevitably, this leads to the conclusion that the existing renewable energy sectors and the EV technology systems are merely steppingstones to something else, rather than the final solution. It is recommended that some thought be given to this and what that something else might be.

A darker option is less requirements from significantly less people.

But I don’t see that happening without famine, pestilence, plague, or ww3

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Birth rates are dropping I guess