Is 'just get started' a psyop?

Lots of advice online about danger of planning too much or thinking too much of training too much


Somehow most companies also fail due to the lack of a 10X engineer (or even an alien founder who appears from nowhere with all the right skills!) who somehow could build the whole company themselves instantly, with maybe a handful of course-corrections after interacting with real world.

How do these things square up? surely you can just study to become an alien founder. I wonder under what circumstances it becomes psyop to advise people to just start.

Also first impressions matter a lot and if VCs think you are a moron they will never change their minds.

– Will Smith

I have known a few outperformers and they never seem to have some quandry about whether they should start or not, they are already doing lots of small things in esoteric corners of the real world, since that happens naturally when you are a world expert at something.

I believe that people do not get started at things because they know they are not capable of being the best! It is a good thing they do not start.

Then, why the advice? And what is its hidden motivation?

– Will Smith