Internet changing stuff

From another thread:

If (as it is starting to seem) there is far more psyop in the world than we’d like to admit, then what effect is the recent introduction of the internet/social media going to have on this? It seems like it imposes an entirely different equilibrium, so presumably we’d expect the complete destruction of everything that isn’t completely grounded in favor of a new ungrounded system. Are we seeing this? Will it be more grounded, on net? Is this analogous to the chaos surrounding the introduction of the printing press?

  • Internet friendship (yes)
  • Internet money (yes)
  • Internet careers (yes)
  • Internet science (not yet)
  • Internet law? (DoNotPay)

We can probably predict the rough shapes of these things and predict them or even create them. What other analogous shifts are there to the internet which impose a new equilibrium on everything,? Crypto…

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This is actually every interesting problem. If you consider all of the social science as communication science. Then all the social convention may probably can rebuild by the internet. I sometime imagine a new internet language that everyone use.

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