Incredible medical failure

It looks like a ketogenic diet solves many cases of serious mental illness better than any known medication.

Why the hell is it not the first recommendation by every doctor?! Medical incompetence on a massive scale. I guess there’s an incentive misalignment because you can’t sell it, so there’s no drug company to sponsor trials.

Why isn’t the EA community funding a 10k person trial to push this thing along? Might be one of the great victories of the whole movement. It does not even need to be approved by the FDA!

reminds me of:

Astute readers will notice that I haven’t written anything in several months. This is largely because I quit eating carbohydrates in February, and it somehow, quite unexpectedly, cured all my mental illness. I have been figuring out how to deal with the absence of intense mental suffering. I also seem to have figured out how to not write, a skill I have struggled with in the past.

There’s a SSC quote, long but worth it:

I wear a psychiatrist hat and a therapist hat. I love the psychiatrist hat…When I wear it, then with sufficient knowledge and understanding I can give people substances that release obsessions, calm fears, and brighten sorrows. Sometimes I can help people solve their unbearable hopeless problems, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

…But if someone wants to talk about their problems in a session, you can’t just say no… they expect me to be able to say something that makes it all better. I know that the textbook response is something about how therapy does not solve problems per se, but by sharing them with someone else it makes them more bearable and adds perspective. Unfortunately, my patients didn’t read that textbook, and they put hope in me, and as often as not I betray it.

Medical doctors experience this x1000. No doctor is going to tell you “Hey listen you need to eat right” or actually make you eat right, they can’t, it’s too expensive and completely unenforceable. “Don’t eat sugar for two weeks” is great advice, but great advice gets ignored a lot. Your dentist, dating coach, or anyone else whose job it is to make your life better, is going to make your life easier in the short term.

Couple that with a mass market for addictive substances and it’s no surprise that doctors find themselves unable to recommend stuff like this off the bat. In my experience, they will tell you about stuff like this, but not as a first approach, if you ask them about alternatives to surgery, pills, etc.

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Keto is insane. I’ve been doing it for 3 years, and it arguably is one of the major reasons why I was able to maintain productivity and health. Strong recommendation to anyone. And the complete ignorance of the medical community is insane as well.

What kind of meals do you eat? Do you track micronutrients?