How do you track what you've read + want to read, especially in a way that encourages public feedback?

Managing reading lists is a tough problem. In addition to keeping track of what you want to read and have already read, there’s writing your thoughts and reactions to the text, and sharing that with others through discussions, comments, and/or book clubs.

What solutions to these problems have you come upon? Right now, I keep a Notion document that is now just an intimidating mess. I tried to keep it in order of most-want-to-read-first, and insert books roughly in that order, but then I’ll feel particularly inspired to read something, throw it at the top, and then lose interest.

Also, as for book reviewing and facilitating discussion, what’s the best solution there? Gwern maintains a subreddit. That seems a good idea, although without a following, that probably won’t serve many folks well, at least at first. Is there a social app for this? Book and article reviews with trusted friends?

re: reading lists. I just settled on having a single list of stuff to read and I look at it when I run out of things to read on my phone, download 3-5 most interesting books I encounter, read them (actually, I probably read like 1 book and decide that the rest are boring), and repeat.


I save the books I’ve read and want to read on Goodreads. I read books in Apple Books. Highlights are imported in Readwise which I continuously review. Other notes I have I put in my Zettelkasten (in the Bear app).

I track what I have read by taking notes and highlights in Google Play Books on my phone. Good thing about this is that it automatically creates a GDoc for the book with all highlights and notes. I also sometimes write summaries in roam, or if book is v interesting then I take notes and photos in roam while writing and then can simply export this as an md file if I want to share (roam sharing sucks).

For what I want to read, if I see a book I might even remotely like I will automatically just download it from libgen to my phone, read parts of it and decide whether I like it. This is quite messy, and there are many books I will not touch, but it kinda works and is ok