Hey Alexey, Have You Ever Had a Sleep Test?

I feel like I remember reading that you have ADHD (or thought you might have ADHD, I’m not sure). I also saw your tweet about falling asleep after taking modafinil and just being able to fall asleep very easily in general.

Have you ever had a sleep test? You definitely could have a sleep disorder. The most common is sleep apnea (which isn’t just a disease for the old or fat) which can do some funky things to people, but it’s easily detected with a polysomnography and then treated with PAP therapy.

Especially if you have other signs of narcolepsy (like cataplexy or signs of going into REM sleep really quickly after sleeping), it’s probably worth getting a multi-sleep latency test, too, where they test how quickly you can fall asleep throughout the day and see whether you go into REM sleep quickly.

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I do go into REM very quickly lol but never had signs of cataplexy. Will do a sleep test!

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