Has anyone skipped a corporate hierarchy layer? How did you do it?

From the book Powerhouse:

ERIC CARLSON: I never went onto a desk. I came out of the mailroom and went straight to being an agent. I think I’m the only guy who’s ever done that. What happened was while I was in the mailroom, I wrote a study on all the emerging television markets.

It took me three months and was like a thesis. I bound it with all the partners’ names on it, then personally handed it to each of them. I said it was a reference guide and included thoughts I had on what we should be doing in the future. Ovitz asked me why I wrote it, and I said, “Because I’m too smart to be in the mailroom; I should be an agent.” A few days later, Ray Kurtzman pulled me aside and told me Michael thought I had balls for doing what I did. It reminded him of what he did at William Morris: never accept no for an answer.

Michael promoted me out of the mailroom to agent a month later.

Does this actually work?