Everything You Need to Know about Napoleon (by Dormin111 on /r/slatestarcodex)

This series is incredible.


this is awesome. question – is this something you would normally ankify?

i didn’t know anything about napolean, and was tempted to add some of the highlights here to my main, general purpose anki deck. however, something Michael Nielsen wrote in his Augmenting Long Term Memory article is giving me pause:

“t’s tempting instead to use Anki to stockpile knowledge against some future day, to think “Oh, I should learn about the geography of Africa, or learn about World War II, or […]”. These are goals which, for me, are intellectually appealing, but which I’m not emotionally invested in. I’ve tried this a bunch of times. It tends to generate cold and lifeless Anki questions, questions which I find hard to connect to upon later review, and where it’s difficult to really, deeply internalize the answers. The problem is somehow in that initial idea I “should” learn about these things: intellectually, it seems like a good idea, but I’ve little emotional commitment.”


I think in this case I would save the articles to onenote, highlight them, and then add a reminder to go over them again in 1 and 3 months and just look at the highlights

my favorite line from the series:

In hindsight, it’s easy to see how dumb of a decision Napoleon made. But as Roberts points out, Napoleon’s sentiment after hearing all of his advisors’ concerns was, I’ve heard this many times before, and I’ve always been proven right.

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