Cognitive side effects of drugs

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Alright, people, recently my psychiatry told me to use an anti-psychotic, I told “no” because I can gain
weight extremely easy, and I do have genetic that point to easy time to put some weight on, and besides that, I heard before that anti-psychotic are pretty awful on cognition in general, on the long run. So, I started to dig for evidence of the least awful antipsychotic on the market right now, but I’m no psychiatrist nor a pharmacist, still evidence points to Aripiprazole to be the least harmful one, least weight gain, or almost neutral, and low cognitive problems. I’m open to take the med, after I get to know the best option for me, and of course after my doctor give the go. So, does anyone know more evidence or have more information on it? Alots of studies deal with schizophrenic people, so they already have some kind of cognitive problem, it’s had to find a good study on the effect of antipsychotic on people that are not schizophrenic, so if, anyone have one to show. Any help is appreciated and sorry for my poor english, it’s not my first language.`