Chewing nicotine gum as a magical "cure" for ADHD

  • Nicotine as nootropic which are discussed a lot in gwern and related posts

  • Chewing behavior as a fidgeting( fidgeting helps ADHD focused)

  • Chewing forces you to breath through nose(Many ADHD breath through mouth which exacerbate ADHD symptoms )


Why not just chew ordinary gum? Nicotine is expensive and chance of addiction seems very real.

Caffeine gum is the happy medium that I’ve heard people using, although eventually people get addicted to unsustainably high caffeine amounts.

There’s clearly the optimal level of ADHD traits and I think it’s quite rare, which would imply that most often ADHD is not optimal.

ADHD is ‘strong natural understanding of reality at the hardware level’ plus ‘brain infected with psyop at software level due to weak will and/or neuroinflammation’. Productivity hacks are treating the symptom not the problem.

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what would your solution be @donda?