Better sleep, controlled drug delivery

Although this forum has a clear stance on whether more sleep is better for health and longevity, most people agree that higher quality sleep is better than low quality sleep. There is also some evidence (Gwern and SSC) that melatonin increases sleep quality, and (marginally) reduces sleep time. Gleech has also looked at whether stimulants have an affect over the long run.

I am working at a small startup where we are developing a new way of controlled drug delivery. This will allow you to precisely control the timing and dose of your choice compounds. It will work for most well known nootropics (melatonin, L-theanine, caffeine etc). This is obviously great in situations where you want some predefined cue to trigger a drug release. Think about better controlled wake-sleep cycles.

As we are finalizing our hardware spec for our first prototype, we are really looking to talk to potential users to get a feel for what is valued. It would be most amazing to get your feedback and thoughts. Would any of you be interested in a 15 minute call? More info and sign-up here:

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