Best of Twitter - Week of June 8, 2020 - the importance of keeping obvious observations in your head long enough to act on them



A friend writes:

A friend writes:

I agree that this is very important; I can think of at least two examples in my own experience:

  1. Every large good decision I’ve made has been preceded by several months of me writing notes along the lines of “you should do this”, but then filing them away. When collected, they are of obvious importance, but it fails to register because they are not kept in view.
  2. When I’m working at my laptop on something I know is important, but which I don’t particularly enjoy, I periodically find myself pushing away from the desk, standing up and pacing around. If left unchecked this would lead to no work getting done - yet I think with physical whiteboards placed around the room being applied to the same task this could be a net boon.
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