Best of Twitter - Week of August 17, 2020


The Facebook self-report seems like an attempt to capture lost productivity that comes from interruptions.

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You should make sure the forum link on Substack is clickable so people don’t have to copy-paste!

Also very interesting how in employment you likely get much smaller % of the value you produce but because value produced and costs to employer are largely illegible, you do not instinctively feel unfairness. But when you rent a car, pay all business expenses and know exactly how much surplus you generate, even 30% immediately starts to seem extremely unfair. Many implications imo. Thoughts?

I think you’re onto something regarding the psychology here. I’d add two things: There’s no percentage in complacency regarding one’s cut, so Nature doesn’t let us rest on our laurels. People scrap for whatever they think they might be able to get, and then some just for the hell of it / in case it’ll work as a fluke.

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That PG tweet was pretty interesting. If there was an in person startup that killed it, would it be in typical places like the bay or NY, or would it be a place like Jackson where all the remote peeps went?