Any known n=1 experiments with maximum sleep?

I’m very interested in Guzey’s sleep experiments. I would like to be the most productive I can be, and often that translates to me trying to sleep as little as possible.

But I am curious if anyone has tried to sleep as much as possible. Not to an absurd amount (e.g. 12+ hours a day). But, instead, using relaxation techniques and perhaps melatonin to get 9+ hours a night. I’d be interested in seeing if there was an improvement in productivity overall. It’d be most interesting for someone to do this who previously limited sleep more…like a busy grad student or entrepreneur.

At my current phase of life, I’m unable to do such an experiment because I have three kids. But I’m curious if anyone has tried a prolonged experiment.

(I do remember reading an article years ago about an entrepreneur who became more productive after prioritizing sleep and sleeping 8-9 hours a night rather than 5-6. Can’t find it now.)

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