Any data on sleeping pills and chronotypes?

Thanks for all the work you’ve done on debunking the data used in Matt Walker’s book - it’s really eye opening.
For me, the parts of the book I was most interested in were:

  1. The claims about how terrible sleeping pills are. On more than one occasion I think he says that if the reader takes away nothing else from his book, he hopes we will be influenced by his pleas that we stop taking sleeping pills because they are so lethal.

  2. The claims about chronotypes: eg that if you are naturally an owl, it is actively bad for your physical and mental health to get up too early, even if you are also going to bed early to make sure you get plenty of hours’ sleep.

So I’m really interested to know whether you, or any of your readers, have had the opportunity to examine his claims in these areas and whether there is any merit? I notice that in your blog post you do recommend CBTi, which Matt Walker proposes as an alternative to sleeping pills… So maybe this is one area where the claims he is making have some merit? Obviously I realise I can’t conclude that because CBTi is good, therefore sleeping pills are bad. I just can’t find anyone discussing whether the claims about sleeping pills have any merit or not.